Partnering for Success
Creating Value
Investing in Employees
Brillian provides and integrates the Network Communication System and Automation Technology to our clients the innovative productivity and solutions. To advance our clients’ productivity effectively, also increase the return on capital and operating performance. Brillian has taken the missions above as our vision and value since we were found.
“Make our clients productivity brilliant by innovative network & automation solutions.”
is our true mission and solid social value.

RFID System for Critical Material Tracking

先進材料傳載模組系統 Advanced Material Handling Module and Integrated Tracking System

Advanced AMC free Handling System

Fire Protection System

客製化系統設計 Customization
BRILLIAN Core Vision
"SIR" (Simple, Innovative & Reliable) are our design concept for products and service.
We believe consistently and truly “SIMPLE” is the best and reliable, but SIMPLE is not an easy goal to achieve, it needs creativity in depth and brand new innovation.
Our business philosophy is "CIS" (Commitment, Innovation & Sharing). For clients, employees, stockholders and relations, integrity is our most basic and most important core value. More than, once we make a commitment, we devote ourselves completely to meeting that commitment. To reach these, we bring forth new ideas on products and outstanding service and share the good consequences with all relations.Originality, Vivacity and Integrity are our DNA, these traits are also our business culture that our president making great efforts to build up since Brillian has been found.

Our capabilities


Brillian is close proximity to its customers for collaboration and access to services


Brillian provides yield-enhancing equipments and solutions for the most advanced manufacturing environments through a unique combination of technology

Solution Projects

Brillian own a unique combination of technology, deep applications knowledge and critical materials know how.

Dedicated to enhancing the productivity. Including real-time monitoring system. Also we provided the customized services.
Main Products and Solution Projects
Brillian are found in 2000, accentuate semiconductor industry especially. Our products and solution projects include following:
(1)RFID system for Critical Material Tracking
(2)Advanced Material Handling Module and Integrated Tracking System
(3)Advanced AMC free Handling System
(4)Fire Protection System
Our key accounts that are in the Front End and Back End of the Line are Semiconductor industry, Packaging and testing industry, Memory industry, etc.
Brillian’s headquarter is in Zhunan, the office are in Tainan and Taichung, and we also have a branch in Shanghai, China. The core team consists of the members who were seniors from TSMC and the other top companies.
Global Locations
In 2016, we are going to have our new headquarter in Chunan Guyun Science Park. We are not enormous, but we are the Little Giant. The Giant who never stops improving!

Affiliate Company
The One Cafe We hope to bring our persistence and passion for coffee to more people! Have fun with your coffee.
我們提供專業與客製化追蹤防護系統,如您想瞭解更多細節, 歡迎留下資料,華景將有專人回覆與您聯繫!
我們提供專業與客製化追蹤防護系統,如您想瞭解更多細節, 歡迎留下資料,華景將有專人回覆與您聯繫!